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who we are..
He's the wizard that makes all the magic happen. He's knows how to turn an idea into a perfect finished product. When he started in printing, it was hot lead and hand set type. Daniel says he has seen it all. The progression of his life through print shops and advertising agencies has given him a diverse background to become a well rounded production manager.

His "can do" attitude makes him quick to size up a project and formulate the plan for production. A born leader, he has a knack for finding the right people for interesting projects. He has produced complete advertising programs utilizing full media spreads, produced television programs and commercials, created hundreds of brochures, and filled up volumes of albums with his photos of commercial subjects and outdoor life. An accomplished photographer, he handles all the commercial needs of Eagle2. 

Daniel is a problem solver and is one of the original - "ad hos". His life is based on a true story.

With Daniel's ability to quickly recognize his target audience, he has been sent around the world to handle his customers needs. From product introductions into China and Malaysia and product research in the Dominican Republic to Expos throughout the United States he has served his clients well.


Boggy Branch Studio

The graphic artist with multiple personalities! From logos to events, this seasoned professional considers herself somewhat of a "dinosaur" in the industry (and that doesn't necessarily refer to her age). Vicki has done it all... from writing to producing, designing... even starring in several radio and tv commercials!

Vicki is an artist, who specializes in illustration, graphics and advertising design. She can create websites with a custom look and feel - and WORK for clients! She also paints anything that will stand still long enough for her - from kids to glasses! Visit her personal website for more!


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